Umang Danedar Shudh Ghee

Product Details

  • Product Name :
  • JK Dairy Umang Danedar Shudh Ghee
  • Description :
  • Danedar Shudh Ghee
  • Available SKU's :
    200ml Ceka Pack 81 units 110/-
    200ml Pet Jar 90 120/-
    500ml Ceka Pack 32 units 262/-
    500ml Pet Jar 36 270/-
    1ltr Ceka Pack 16 units 515/-
    1ltr Pet Jar 18 530/-
    1ltr Tin 18 units 535/-
    5 ltr Tin 4 units 2600/-
    5kg Tin 2 units 2750/-
    15kg Tin 1 unit 8100/-

  • Product Specifications

  • Nutritional Information :
  • Nutrition * Per 100g
    Energy (kcal) 897.3
    Carbohydrates (g) 0
    Sugar (g) 0
    Milk Protein (g) 0
    Milk Fat (g) 99.7
    - Saturated fatty acids (g) 61.8
    - Polyunsaturated fatty acids (g) 2.87
    - Monounsaturated fatty acids (g) 25.68
    - Transfatty acids (g) 5.14
    Cholesterol (mg) 256.8
    Vitamin A (µg) 776.45
    Vitamin E (mg) 4.49.45
  • Shelf Life
  • 12 Months

  • Product Features

    • JK Dairy Umang Danedar Shudh Ghee is as Danedar as home-made ghee.
    • JK Dairy Umang Danedar Shudh Ghee is an excellent cooking medium, adding rich flavour and taste to your food.
    • On heating, every dana melts to give a unique taste and aroma of swadisht and khushbudar ghee.
    • It is the preferred choice of all halwais, restaurants and Food Chains.
    • An interesting fact about this product is that one spoonful a day improves digestion and gives you a glowing skin.

    Product Application

    • It’s the first choice of halwais and cooks for making sweets and halwas.
    • Ideal taste enhancer for making dals, vegetables, paratha and taste great with hot Chapati or Makke di Roti.


    Available in general trade, e-commerce and modern retail stores like Amazon, Bigbasket, Shopclues, Vestige, Reliance Fresh, Modern Bazzar, Needs Supermarket, Le Marche, and Raj Mandir.