Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Challenging times are the real test of a 'good' human being and a responsible organisation. How willing are they to help the society in overcoming challenges. How actively are they involved in contributing to the communities they work in. How selfless are they as an 'Indian' in times of need. That's what is important.

As the COVID-19 pandemic cripples the world, now is the time to show you care. In an effort to make a difference in whatever way we can, we too have taken some steps.

Under our multi-pronged battle plan to defeat COVID 19, we have committed INR 10 Crore. Integral to our philosophy of making a substantive impact on the ground and working for the needy, we are supporting both financially and through direct action on the ground - involving our own leadership and employees, thus leading the fight from the front. While a large part of the fund will go to Prime Minister's Fund in fighting Covid19, the rest will be utilised in meeting the immediate needs of communities and migrant labour, currently underway, at several locations across the country.

The relief work which has been going on for quite some time at several places, includes distribution of food, drinking water,m masks, sanitisers, safety kits for various front-line workers of health and sanitation deptts, creation of isolation wards etc. We have been fighting the battle at several fronts, i.e. supporting the communities, migrant labour, our own employees, families including the residential townships.

We are supporting government officials, police department and government hospital employees with packed food and drinking water with the help of NGO's. We have been supporting the district health department by providing ambulance, safety materials, masks, soaps, hand gloves to sanitary workers in municipal corporations. We have created many isolation wards near our plants, at several locations, supporting the government by providing curtains, partitions and isolation beds at primary health centers. We have also helped migrant labour by providing food, water, sanitisers, masks as well as dry ration, ie rice, atta, biscuits etc. covering more than 20000 people in many locations across the country.

Awareness and
distribution program

Under this special program
initiated by us, our primary
objectives are

  • Providing grocery items to the families of the daily wage earners, migrant laborers whose sources of income collapsed due to the lockdown
  • Empowering the mass with appropriate awareness about the prevention, symptoms and important helpline numbers related to COVID 19
  • Strengthening the visibility of SPARSH Social Foundation

Mode of

  • Informed the DM about the distribution program
  • Worked in close coordination with the SDMs of all 4 Subdivisions (Tehsils)
  • Distributed the relief materials as per the list of families developed in the close coordination with the Municipal Corporations and the Police Administration

Distribution coverage

  • In all 4 Subdivisions of the district
  • In all 6 Municipal Corporations of the district
  • 500 families of the district

Some details about
our distribution of
175 grocery bags

  • Informed the DM about the distribution program
  • 100 Bags handed over to SDM, Amroha which covered migrant families living in the urban area of Joya and Amroha Municipality
  • 50 Bags distributed in coordination with Rehra (Gangeshwari) SHO to the identified families
  • 25 Bags given to the Police team handing the Emergency Helpline Number 112

Our CSR activities are not limited to only farmers. We have undertaken a number of other activities as well:

CSR activities
  • Formation and credit linkage of Dairy Interest Groups (DIGs): Under the formation and credit linkage of DIGs, 11 DIGs have received revolving fund of Rs. 15000 per DIG from NRLM in the month of July 2016. A total of 20 DIGs have been linked with NRLM and Rs. 3,00,000 have been mobilized from NRLM in the form of revolving fund.
  • In the month of August 2017, NABARD had sanctioned the formation and Strengthening of 75 new DIGs.
  • Adult literacy Centre: In the month of August 2016, two Adult literacy Centers were opened and 60 women were enrolled under these two centers.
  • Bankers training: One day training for the bankers has been organized in collaboration with NABARD. Mr. Rohit Srivastava, DDM-NABARD in his address, asked bankers to support bank account opening and credit linkage process of SHGs.
  • Awareness program on government sponsored scheme: On 18th July 2016, one day awareness program on Government Sponsored Scheme was organized at Gajraula. This program was organized in collaboration with NABARD.
  • Training Program: Various training programs were organized by the HR department in association with other departments with the aim of bettering the performance of individuals in UDL. Some of the major training programs were based on Fire fighting techniques, ISO Awareness, Personal Hygiene, Awareness of Automation, 77CIP System, Sensory Evaluation, PLC & SCADA and Current Practices of Milk Procurement.
  • Computer Literacy Center in Gajraula

    Adult literacy Centre: In the month of August 2016, two Adult literacy Centers were opened and 60 women were enrolled under these two centers.

  • Awareness Program in Gajraula

    Awareness program on government sponsored scheme: On 18th July 2016, one day awareness program on Government Sponsored Scheme was organized at Gajraula. This program was organized in collaboration with NABARD.

Empowerment of women

We, at UDL, strongly believe in the empowerment of women, helping them grow and bring change for their own economic and social freedom. Umang Dairies Ltd., an enterprise of the reputed JK Organisation, has mobilized women self help groups as the key intervention of its Corporate Social Responsibility program. Over the last three years SPARSH, its implementing NGO, has mobilized more than 2000 women and formed over 216 Self Help Groups (SHGs) till date. All SHGs are functional and follow the cardinal five principles. They have functioning bank accounts where savings are deposited and inter-loaning amongst the members is regularly taking place. The members of the groups are trained and financially facilitated to form Dairy Interest Groups (DIG) the DIG’s are independent milk producers and supply its produce to Umang Dairy, a major milk processor of the area. The program seeks to Create Shared Value (CSV) for the DIG’s & Umang Dairies and foster a win win partnership.

International Women’s Day

In an effort to empower women, we celebrate International Women’s Day every year. This year we celebrated IWD on March 30th, 2017 at Gajraula. Shri Abhishek Singh, the Chief Development Officer of the district and Smt Mamta Singhania, (President, SPARSH) were the important dignitaries who addressed the women, along with Shri Rohit Srivastava, (District Development Manager, NABARD), Shri Kapil Kaul (CEO, SPARSH) and Shri C.Venugopal (CEO, Umang Dairies).

Shri Abhishek Singh expressed his happiness at the vast mobilization and complimented Umang & Sparsh for initiating a program that complimented the government’s programs of empowering women socially and financially. Shri Singh promised that the groups will be linked to all other social development & poverty alleviation programs under his watch in the district. He appreciated Shri Rohit Srivastava’s personal intervention in recommending the DIG project in Gajraula to his organization and bringing more women in the ambit of this program.

Women’s development

Smt Mamta Singhania said that women’s development was the key to the country’s progress. She pointed out that if as many women as men were to join the workforce, the country’s GDP will go up by 1 to 1.5 percentage points. Smt Singhania thanked and appreciated the women for overcoming social barriers and family resistance to seek a path of development for themselves and their families.

Shri Rohit Srivastava said that the vast gathering at the function had vindicated his belief that the women of Gajraula would be the change makers of the district. He mentioned that he had sensed it at the last years’ function itself and had recommended the DIG project to his superiors at NABARD regional office in Lucknow. He complimented SPARSH for its excellent implementation.

DIG project

Shri Kapil Kaul, in his welcome address, recalled that the DIG project when conceived made a small beginning with 15 DIG’s in 2013 and saw an addition of 60 DIG’s in 2014. The project gained momentum after NABARD chose SPARSH as a Self Help Promoting Institution (SHPI) and mandated it to form an additional 575 DIG’s. He said that in the next two years the DIG’s will grow to 700 + which will have a daily milk producing capacity of nearly 200,000 litres a day and will substantially add to the income of their households.

Shri C.Venugopal thanked Shri Abhishek Singh & Shri Rohit Srivastava for their support and encouragement and expressed the hope that in the days to come the partnership will get stronger. He also assured the DIG’s that UDL will buy whatever milk they produced. He also thanked team SPARSH for doing an excellent job.

Two DIG members Monika & Jolly recounted how they overcame social & family resistance to join the DIG’s and through their own example had motivated others to follow their example. Smt Singahania appreciated their resolve and encouraged them to inspire many other women into the DIG movement. The event was marked by the handing over of Rs 50,000/- cheques to those members who had successfully followed the five principles of SHG rule book. Many others were felicitated for book writing, regular meetings and regular savings. A large contingent of media personnel were present and all local newspapers carried the story in their publications.